Monitoring and Research

On these pages you'll find information on the continuing research being carried out on Handa Island.

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Annual reports

We have been producing annual reports on the ecology of skuas on Handa since 2003.

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Long-term ringing studies

Andrew.jpgUnder the guidance of our mentor Andrew Ramsay (right), and with the help each year of other volunteers from the Highland Ringing Group, we have developed a long-term and ongoing ringing study of both the Arctic and Great skuas.

Since 2003, almost all chicks reared on the island have been given BTO metal rings, and since 2004, colour-rings also, to enable identification of individuals without the need to recapture them.

Data from these rings will not only allow us to study breeding site-fidelity, and conduct behavioural studies on individual birds, but will also contribute key information to our assessment of demographic trends in the skua populations of NW Scotland.

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Recent Paper

Bird Study 2008

Annual Reports

2010 (1MB) 2009 (866k) 2008 (250k) 2007 (300k) 2006 (350k) 2005 (400k) 2004 (400k) 2003 (300k)

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